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The Nook has become an iconic and beloved place to work in the South West, not only because of the unique, quirky office spaces born from its creators’ vision, but due to the community of ‘nooksters’ who work within the walls of the building.

James and Vicki were presented with the opportunity to take on their Father’s truck factory in Cullompton in 2016. They saw huge potential to develop the large space into something really special.

Having both always run their own businesses they felt that there was a real need to bring a community of like minded people together so that they didn’t feel completely alone when running with a ‘crazy idea’ or just dealing with the day to day pressures and stresses of running a business.

The factory was converted into individual office spaces or ‘nooks’ all of different shapes and sizes and communal coworking areas. Each area retains the character and feel of the original building. The Nook was one of the first offices offering both co-working and individual offices under one roof in the South West and is now a hub of activity.

It is this sympathetic and creative approach to the building and the welcoming, friendly atmosphere of the Nook that has caused a buzz. The increasing demand for this type of unique and quirky place to work has allowed the continuing development of ‘Nooks’ in different locations that have the same potential as the original factory.





Open 24/7



8.45am - 6.15pm


the Nook

Kingsmill Ind Est


EX15 1BS

no7 honiton

the Nook

dolphin court


ex14 1ht

team@atthenook.co.uk  01884 669066

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