Virtual Office Packages

A nookster but without the nook- like a bird out of the nest! We will still look after you.

Virtual Office

We think that once you come and have a peek at the Nook you will want to stay, but maybe you already have a nice space and enjoy working from home. If this is the case you will want to protect your privacy and not reveal your address and mobile number to total strangers... Sensible you!


The Package

With the Virtual office, you will get a professional business postal address from one of our locations (Our Places) and a phone number.


What this means to you:


Postal Address-

Not only do you get a snazzy sounding business address but it can also be used for your searchable listing on companies house. We will hold your post securely at our offices for you to collect.


Phone no-

You will be given a virtual phone number to give out to your customers. The call will be redirected to your mobile phone and you can configure this service entirely as you wish. You can send it to answerphone at 5pm every day or if you hate to miss a call keep it actively the time.

This Virtual Office package will cost.


Choose your pricing plan

  • Virtual Office

    Every month
    Get a snazzy sounding business address
    • Professional business address
    • Mail handling
    • Post box
  • Virtual Office Pro

    Every month
    Business address and phone number
    • UK Wide Business Telephone number
    • Call forwarding
    • Business Postal Address
    • Mail handling