private office

We know that no-one really wants to work on their own but sometimes work necessitates a bit of privacy behind closed doors!

So we can give you just that in the form of small to big offices, with the ingenious invention, a door! Feel free to open and close it as you please, the other nooksters will be happy to smile and wave as they walk by, but if they get too nosey you know what to do!

If you are in the market for a door, sorry private office, browse our fine selection and decide which best suits you and your business.

cost per month from £295
no contract


Work Pod

As the name suggests this is a cosy work space. It is roomy for one person but a bit snug for two, but if you want to be two peas in a work pod don't let us stop you!

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cost per month from £375
no contract


Studio 2

Two is company! This is not just any studio, you get a unique and quirky design that two people can enjoy.

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cost per month from £420
no contract


studio 3

Three is a crowd! A work space for three people to comfortably get their work groove on.The desk is available for you, only you, 24/7 365.

cost per month from £565
no contract


studio 4

Four is a party! This is where things get serious, business is blooming and there are important meetings to be had, ideas to storm, banter to me made, and office parties to be thrown!

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Custom Build

Now if one of a kind work pods and studios do not fit your bill then just let us know.

If we still have unused space available within a Nook we can explore the option to custom build you a space that indulges your needs or whims.

Or if you have a space but it lacks the whole vibe that we are experts in creating, why not let us 'Nookify' your space and create the kingdom of your dreams?