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Coworking at The Nook:

Where Passion Meets Productivity

Your Workspace, Your Rules

Success isn't just about what you do; it's also about where you do it. At The Nook, we understand that your work environment is more than just a desk and a chair—it's the catalyst for your creativity, the stage for your success, and the community that elevates your workday from mundane to inspiring.

1  —

Flex Desk 

Ideal For: Freelancers, remote workers, and part-time entrepreneurs who value flexibility.


  • Access to any available desk in the coworking area

  • Ultra-fast fibre internet

  • Access to community events

Pricing: £125 per month

2  —

Dedicated Desk

Ideal For: Solo entrepreneurs and small teams who need a consistent workspace.


  • Your own dedicated desk

  • Lockable storage

  • Priority access to meeting rooms

  • Ultra-fast fibre internet

Pricing: £175 per month

3 —

Pro Workspace

Ideal For: Professionals and teams who require additional services and amenities.


  • All features of the Dedicated Desk, plus:

  • Complimentary equipment rentals

  • Exclusive access to Pro-Level workshops and webinars

  • Personalised workspace setup

Pricing: £275 per month

Choose Your Perfect Fit

Each of our coworking packages is designed to meet your unique needs, offering the flexibility to adapt as your business grows. Ready to find your ideal workspace?

"I didn't even know what Co-Working was until I stepped foot inside the Nook. 3 years later and I have moved to a larger office twice and now employ 2 guys. Being part of this huge hub of creativity has moulded and crafted my business into what it is today."

Tom.   |  West Country Tech

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