In order to be successful and accomplish your work goals, you have to love every aspect of your job. Your work environment is of paramount importance as it has a huge impact upon your dedication, your creativity, your inspiration and your enthusiasm to go out there and get things done.

Co-working is a fun and exciting way to have a work place that you want to get up every morning and go to... a shared environment where you work shoulder to shoulder with professionals from various industries who can offer their opinions and advice

The Nook offers various co-working packages to suit your current business needs but can evolve as you do.

We have made it as straightforward and logical as possible so that you don't spend hours trawling through endless options.

permanent desks

Hot Desk
cost per month £95
no contract
hot desk

A hot desk is an unallocated desk so you get a different view each day... possibly! One day you will be over there next to Greg and the next day you'll be over here chatting to Mandy!

This desk is available for you to use every weekday Monday- Friday 8am-6pm.

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Tidy Desk
cost per month £115
no contract
hot desk pro

A hot desk pro is the same as the hot desk but is available for an extended time for you workaholics out there. Your desk is available to use 24/7 365.

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Doctor's Desk
cost per month £145
no contract
Permanent Desk

A permanent desk is your dedicated desk reserved solely for you to use day in day out. You can leave your important paperwork or favourite stapler here safe in the knowledge that it will still be there the next day!

The desk is available for you, only you, 24/7 365.

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Permanent Desk pro
cost per month £185
no contract
Permanent Desk Pro

A permanent desk pro is a very exciting option. It is the same as the permanent desk BUT you get, wait for it, a better desk! If a flashy desk is what makes you tick then this is definitely the one for you.

The flashy desk is available for you, and of course only you, I expect you have your name carved in it, 24/7 365.


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Shared Workspace

As much as we like commitment to our lovely Nook, we know that some of you out there are not ready and that's ok. We do not get upset by this! In fact, we have designed an option just for you!