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The Nook:

Where Heritage Meets Innovation

The Genesis of a Vision

In 2013, James and Vicki Trebble-Sargent faced a unique opportunity: to breathe new life into their father's truck factory in Cullompton. With years of entrepreneurial experience under their belts, they envisioned a space that would serve as a sanctuary for like-minded individuals—those grappling with the exhilarating yet daunting journey of running a business.

Crafting a Community

The factory underwent a transformation, morphing into a labyrinth of unique, character-filled "nooks"—each a testament to the building's rich history. But it wasn't just the walls that made The Nook special; it was the community of "Nooksters" who brought these spaces to life. Together, they created an ecosystem where "crazy ideas" weren't just tolerated; they were celebrated.

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Pioneering Flexibility

The Nook broke new ground by being one of the first spaces in the South West to offer both coworking and individual offices under one roof. This innovative approach turned The Nook into a buzzing hub of activity, setting the stage for its iconic status.

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The Nook Experience

What truly sets The Nook apart is its atmosphere—a blend of creativity, community, and comfort that's hard to find elsewhere. It's this unique vibe that has led to an increasing demand for more "Nooks," each capturing the essence of the original but with its own unique flair.

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Expanding Horizons

The Nook's success has paved the way for new locations, each echoing the original's commitment to community and individuality. As we continue to grow, we're excited to welcome more members into our ever-expanding family of Nooksters.

Join the Revolution

Ready to be part of something special? Choose the workspace that suits you best and become a Nookster today.

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